My birth work is my heart work. Nothing fills me more than working with women in all seasons of life, to empower them through documenting their story in birthing their child. There is no right or wrong way to birth a baby, but all ways are worthy of being remembered. Hiring a birth photographer allows you, your partner, your doula, your midwife, to all be fully present in supporting you through one of the most physically and mentally exhausting endeavors of your life. Knowing that the most precious of memories, that you'll soon forget, have been professionally preserved allows YOU to focus on what you need to do, which is bringing your baby Earth side. I've been working in the birth world for 4 years now, which has allowed me to gain an abundant amount of experience as well as some amazing connections in our local birth community. I have photographed and filmed all variations of birth and am comfortable working in any situation. 

Enough with the technical though, let's talk about WHY I love this work. Most are shocked to find out that I don't have children myself, I've never given birth. Almost always I'm asked, "Why would you want to watch women giving birth over and over?". The longer I've been working in the birth community, the more my love has grown. That loves stems from one thing, watching women being empowered through birth. There are no words to describe the birth "high" that comes with watching a woman completely let go and give her body control. It's as if you're watching something almost ceremonial and when you truly think about it, it is. Women have been giving birth since the beginning of time. Women have been roaring the same roar, since the beginning of time. It all comes full circle and it's absolutely intoxicating. When a woman decides to include me in this ceremony and make me a part of her birth story, it's the best compliment I could ever get. Birth is intimate, raw, so real, it's everything I love about my work and it's why I keep coming back for more. 

Birth stories start at $1,500 and includes an in person consult, being on call 2 weeks surrounding your due date, a minimum of 100 digital images with print release, a keepsake box with USB + 50 4x6 prints of choice, and an online gallery for sharing with family + ordering products (not required). There is an option to add on a film if wanted!

I'm currently booking for 2019. Please get in touch if you're interested in securing me for your own birth story. I limit myself to 2 births per month, so they book fast.

I look forward to possibly telling one of the most important stories of your life, mama. <3