Dream Sessions are just that, my dream sessions. These are the sessions I would LOVE to shoot, but have yet to have the opportunity to make that happen. Because these are "dream sessions" they are discounted at 40% off and are only available for the Your Heart Collection. What's the catch? These are only available for weekdays and you must sign a model release. I will also be hands on with styling and what to wear, so you must be okay with that. Otherwise, that's it! 

Look through the list below and see if you think any of these sessions fit into something you'd like to have documented with your family. Get in touch by emailing me at hello@mossandmyrrh.com or using the "Book a Session" button at the top of this page. Please let me know dates that you're available and give me details of what you're wanting documented. I'll be in touch within 48 business hours. <3 

Please keep in mind that these are 100% documentary, not lifestyle or posed at all.

Dream Sessions

Farm Work / Homesteading

Camping (Anywhere in Wasilla to Talkeetna)

Gardening (Vegetable Harvesting)

Foraging (Plants + Berries)

Fishing (Wasilla to Talkeetna. Boat or Land is fine, but must be secluded)

Family Cabin (Wasilla to Talkeetna)

A Day in Talkeetna (Exploring and playing in Talkeetna for a couple of hours.)

Glacier Flight Tour

Hunting with Children (Wasilla to Talkeetna)

Have another awesome idea? Please get in touch, I'd love to hear about it! <3 


*All expenses (admission tickets, parking, etc) will be paid for by the client.