When should I book?

I suggest all maternity, birth, and newborn clients book once they've hit their second trimester. Births, especially, book very quickly due to their limited availability. Maternity sessions also book quickly as I only take on 2 per month in the winter months. I do not offer birth photography in June, July, or August. Please book all family sessions (Short Story or Half Day in the Life) at least 3 months in advance. If you need a weekend session, please let me know when contacting me. Weekend sessions are extremely limited and are only open once per month. Book in advance if this is a requirement! 

Sessions are scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday, and one weekend per month.

What is the booking process?

Once we've chatted and decided we'll be a good fit, you'll be sent a contract + invoice via email. You must pay this within 48 hours or your session date will be given to someone else. I require half the session fee be paid in advance in order to hold your session/due date and the remainder is due on the date of your session. 

What is the difference in Short story and half day in the life?

I don't really pose much in general, but lifestyle is definitely more posed than documentary. Lifestyle sessions are more directed as I prompt you with ideas of what to do next. Documentary sessions are just that, documentary. There is no posing, you just do what you do. Usually we plan activities for documentary sessions so you aren't just sitting there twiddling your thumbs. Ha! 

I want a half day in the life session but our lives are pretty boring, what do you suggest?

I can assure you, your life is anything but boring! Most documentary sessions take place during your most active part of the day..almost always morning. Regardless, we'll do your normal day to day activities or we can plan something fun like cuddling in bed reading a book, doing art, planting flowers, working in the garden, going to the lake, going for a hike, fishing, berry picking, etc. See? The list goes on and on. You won't believe how many awesome shots I can get from simple activities like that! Even just preparing lunch is an event in itself! Shoot me an email and we can brainstorm some of your favorite activities!

What is your turnaround time?

You can expect me to deliver your gallery within 3 weeks. If your session includes a film add on, you'll need to add another week to that turnaround time.