F I L M S 

Photography has it's purpose, to preserve the memories to hang on your wall. Films, they're an entirely different experience. You know those home movies your parents incessantly video'd and drove you insane with? As a child you hated it, but now as an adult you love watching them over and over again. There's something about watching a memory actually moving right in front of you. Pictures are great, but they don't move, they don't make you feel like you've time traveled back into your childhood. Video is dying. I know, know, that sounds insane when we live in a society with a cell phone attached to our hands at all times, documenting every little thing. Unfortunately, most of those videos and pictures won't ever be seen. Your children won't see them because most don't know how to back them up. Essentially, ourselves and our children will be the least documented generations to date. Where am I going with all this? Well, I think I've said enough. Video is important. These films, they're magic. Book a film yearly, have your family documented to remember how big your little's gummy grin got when you went to pick her up. Remember how sweet it was to caress your newborn's hair; how soft it was. Watch your son wrap his chubby arms around your neck again, as if it wasn't 10-15 years ago. These seasons, they pass so quickly, this is your chance to have a living memory preserved forever.