M O T H E R H O O D  +  N E W B O R N S

Working with littles and focusing on motherhood, there's nothing I love more. A few years ago I realized, this is where my heart is and this is what I need to specialize in. I am still absolutely in love with documenting the newest littles + that special bond that starts at the beginning of motherhood and only continues to grow.

Below you'll find details on each session offered. 


Intimate Motherhood - I come to your home and we document the beautiful bond between you and your baby. These are intimate and breathtakingly beautiful. Nursing, milk baths, and skin to skin cuddling are what these are all about. We preplan your session, discuss clothing choices, and choose the best location in your home to work.

Fresh 48 - Ahh, the first 48 hours after baby arrives. It's pure bliss (and exhaustion) and you can't believe how quickly time is passing. This little bubble you're in is soon to pass and this is the session to preserve those memories. I come to you within 48 hours of baby's arrival (in hospital or home) and we document all the little details you can't get enough of, while also documenting this new bond. The way you can't stop smelling that sweet hair on your baby's head, how their fingers curl around yours, those sweet yawns you just want to bottle up. I'm after all of that. 

Newborn - The newborn session is a classic, but I do things a little differently. There is no posing or frilly frilly outfits, just you + your partner soaking up your newest little love. I let you be you and document all the little details that add up to your life right now. These are shot in your home and usually focus on cuddling in the bedroom and hanging out in the nursery (if there is one). Siblings are always welcome and free to do what they please. There are no restrictions here.