Short Story

Short Story | Family, Newborn, Intimate Motherhood, Fresh 48

Short Stories are an hour in length and can take place either in your home or outdoors. These sessions are more "lifestyle" than documentary and include a little bit of guidance from me to get these epic shots.

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Half day in the life

Half Day in the life (Film add on option) | Family, Newborn

Half Day in the Life sessions last approximately 3 to 4 hours and are all about documenting your everyday routine. These are usually shot in the morning time, but can also be booked for evenings. These are 100% hands off, you do your thing and I document it. 

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birth story

birth story (film add on option)

Birth Stories are just that, the story of your child's birth. There's nothing more cherished than the birth of your baby. I'm there to document all the details so you can actually remember the first seconds after your little made their arrival.

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