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B O O K I N G   J a n u a r y   2 6


D  E  T  A  I  L  S

These sessions are simple, we meet up at a gorgeous location (or even your home!) and I document your family cuddling, laughing, playing, and exploring this beautiful place we call home. There isn't much, "Smile! Look at me!" going on, I'm really after real interaction between each family member. This is especially popular with the I right?! They hate being posed and they hate taking pictures! Here's your chance to go "unposed" and allow them to just be them..even if that means they don't acknowledge my camera's existence (I prefer it that way!). You'll be given access to a styling guide so you know what to wear and how to prepare in advance and I am always here if you need help with making decisions! My sessions are all inclusive, you get all the digital images in your gallery, no questions asked. You can read up on collections  H E R E . 


B  O  O  K  I  N  G  

On January 26th, I'll be sending out a link to all 2017 clients to grab a spot they're wanting. This is just my way of saying thank you to those that come back to me year after year. It is so appreciated! On February 1st, I'll be opening up sessions for everyone to book. To book your session you'll go to the link provided (below, password protected for returning clients), choose the month you're wanting your session, choose weekday or weekend, and pay your deposit.  We won't be choosing exact dates until we get closer to your session month. You'll fill out a form so I have your contact information and you'll need to choose whether you want the payment plan option or not. If you choose no, you can expect another invoice headed your way to pay the remainder of the deposit. Once you've paid your fee, please be checking your email inbox for a link to sign your contract + view your invoice. When I book a lot of sessions at once, it takes awhile to get contracts out, so please patient. If you choose a payment plan, I'll have automatic reminders sent out each month telling you to pay your session fee. 

S  U  M  M  E  R    S  E  S  S  I  O  N S

Ahhh, summer. I know it may not seem like it right now, but it'll be here before we know it! Last year's season of family sessions was absolutely amazing. We wandered through forests, played in creeks, and cuddled in front of mountain view backdrops. Alaska is magic, so it isn't any wonder that everyone wants to book a family session during our beautiful summer season. I know, you're probably over there reading this and agreeing but then thinking, "It's only January!". Yeah, yeah, I feel the same way. Why rush it? I wasn't going to open summer availability until the Spring but I've been getting so many clients wanting to go ahead and book, so here we are! I'm not going to lie, it's given be a bit of a boost to get through these last (insanely cold!) winter months before Spring. Who doesn't need something to look forward to right now?!


P  A  Y  M  E  N  T    P  L  A  N  S

This year I'm offering a different option when booking. Each client will have the opportunity to take advantage of a payment plan. You'll pay equal payments every month leading up to your session, then the final payment is due the day of your session. I started offering this with my Mother's Day Sessions at the beginning of the New Year and it's been so popular I wanted to give the option for summer too! So for example, if you book an August session (Your Heart Collection) and choose to use the payment plan, your payments would equal $64 + change each month leading up to your session ($100 deposit is required). I'm fully aware these sessions are an investment, so I'm hoping this makes it easier for everyone to book that's wanting to! If a payment plan isn't something you're interested in, you'll put down half the session fee, the remainder being due the day of your session.


Below is the link to book your session! The password will be sent out via email to returning clients tomorrow morning! The password will be taken down on February 1st so all can book.

I am so excited for this upcoming summer and cannot wait to work with you guys! <3